Home Security Tips for National Security Month

Founded in 2012, National Home Security Month is an initiative which happens each October, shortly before the typical 25% rise in crime associated with the darker months of the year. The team behind NHSM take to social media and the press to share advice and promote the latest products, with each year taking on a different theme. Its self-proclaimed aim is “to raise awareness of the importance of home security and urge Brits to think about how they protect their properties”.

The whole initiative is supported by all manner of DIY stores, insurance firms and security product wholesalers. Each NHSM concerns itself with four discrete themes each week: security for windows and doors, keeping valuables safe, garden and outdoor security and the rising popularity of smart security.


Door and window security

As the first line of defence for any property, it is imperative that homeowners ensure that their doors and windows are as secure as possible. We can provide an informed recommendation from our range of high quality door locks, the majority of which meet the BS3621 standard, based on the material your door is made from, as well as ensuring it will comply with your insurance policy.

According to the most recent ONS statistics, intruders enter homes through a window in 30% of burglaries, so keeping these points of entry as secure as your doors is essential. As with our door locks, Security 201 can recommend and install window locks to suit your property, both in terms of the materials from which your windows are made and the aesthetics of your home.


Keeping your valuables safe

In the event that an intruder does find their way into your home, the most important thing is that your valuables are kept hidden out of view; if they’ve spent time trying to force entry into your property, giving them nothing to show for their efforts is crucial. A recent survey from the AA notes that 43% of burglaries result in jewellery or watches being stolen, while 38% see purses, wallets or cash being taken. Consequently, homeowners should consider investing in a security safe in which to store their belongings; these not only store your belongings in a concealed location, but can positively impact your insurance policy. Security 201 offers safes from the most secure safe manufacturers, and offer cash boxes with keys, digital locking or combination access, and can instruct our customers on the best place in your house to install your safe.

To further deter would-be criminals, we offer burglar alarms to suit any property, and our experienced security professionals conduct free site surveys to ascertain the best type of burglar alarm as well as the most suitable positioning of sensors. We also provide a monitored alarm service, which can offer rapid response in the event of an alarm being activated.


Garden and outdoor security

No matter the time of year, keeping the exterior of your property safe is as important as securing your home itself. Whilst many people recommend growing thorny plants directly below your fences to prevent anyone intruding on your property by climbing over them, we would strongly advise our customers to invest in CCTV systems to monitor everything going on immediately outside your home. We offer both dome and bullet CCTV cameras, which can have full night vision capability, making sure that no unwanted visitors will go unseen.


Smart security

The NHSM website has predicted that this year will see “a rise in the number of app-based security systems” as well as biometric security devices based on voice or fingerprint recognition. While we at Security 201 understand that these systems can be convenient, we would also strongly advise against using them in their current form.

The integration of smart security with your home’s wireless internet means that your property could be more susceptible to intrusion as a result of hacking. Rather than needing to break into your home, a burglar could simply hack into your connection to disable the locks on your doors or shut off the alarm system, and simply walk in. Your insurance policy may also be rendered invalid if your smart security system is unapproved by their coverage, whereas traditional, professionally-installed physical security systems such as door locks will be approved by any insurance provider.

Of course, whilst National Home Security Month exists to raise awareness of what can be done to keep British homes safe from intrusion and burglary, we should always be mindful of the information it promotes. Get in touch with Security 201 today for more information about how our range of security products can secure your property all year round.