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Enhance Property Security With Window Locks

According to security statistics from across the UK, just under a third of burglaries are carried out by an intruder entering through an unlocked door or window. With over 500 domestic burglaries occurring across Sussex each month, it’s important that local households and businesses invest in high quality window locks.

At Security 201, our experienced staff are dedicated to supplying and installing prestigious Banham locks in businesses and homes across West Sussex. Our multi-purpose window locks are designed to be fitted to a range of windows, but our range also includes locks which are intended specifically for french doors and sash windows.


Sash Window Locks

Two sash window lock models available in the Security 201 range are the Sash Stop W121 and the Sash Window Lock W107.

Both of these window locks enable the window to be locked in open or closed position and are available in polished brass. The Sash Stop W121 is also available in chrome.

Window Locks for French Doors and Casement Windows

We have a number of window lock designs to ensure french doors, glass panel windows and fanlights are as secure as possible. Mortice locks are often the most effective options for these windows, however, Security 201 can also offer a high security lock expressly for fan lights and narrow wooden framed windows:

Wood Casement and Fanlight Lock W106

This window lock sits at right angles to the reception plate, which is secured to the window stile with a heavy fixed thread. When locked it tightens the stile to the frame to prevent the window from being pushed or slid open.

Mortice Window Lock Range

Mortice Rack Bolts for French doors

Both the W104 (1 ¼ or 30mm) and W105 (1 ¾ or 45mm) lock designs are available. These window locks are fitted to the top and bottom of wooden french doors and wooden casement windows. In the event of a criminal smashing the glass to access the interior handle, these locks prevent the windows from opening.

Mortice Rack Bolt R102

Security 201 can fit this window lock to internal doors or to the top of french doors. It can be supplied with a boxed striker plate, embodying a boxed recess for increased protection.
This window lock can be operated using either a fixed or detachable key.

Cylinder Mortice Rack Bolt R104

This window lock is an advanced version of the R102 and is ideal for fitting to glass panelled and french doors.

Multi Purpose Bolt B119

The model is designed for French doors and inward opening casement windows but has various other uses. The features of this lock include:

  • Solid long shoot bolt
  • Cylinder and Key

Metal Window Locks Range

Metal Window Lock W108

This metal lock fits under the handle and sits flush to the frame. When the window is closed, the screw heads are covered to prevent unauthorised tampering, the window can only be locked in when the handle is in the closed position.

Cylinder Metal Window Lock W109

The locking application features a “U” cam that locks onto a hardened steel pin. The lock works independently from the handle and is compatible with metal casements, fanlights and French doors.

Metal Window Lock W115

This security lock is suitable for all types of metal casement windows and fanlights. The lock works independently of the handle and has no accessible fixing screws. It also features a flush rebate fitting to prevent intruders prising it from the frame.

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