Many homeowners keep some of their most precious possessions in their garages, including bikes, lawn mowers, and quite often the most expensive item they own—their car—oblivious to the fact their garage security is lacklustre. This can leave these valuables at huge risk, with garages frequently targeted by opportunistic criminals.


It is not just items kept inside the garage itself that could be in danger; since many garages adjoin to houses, poor garage security could give burglars access to your entire home. It is for these reasons that you might have to upgrade your garage security, replacing an old door or a poor security system potentially putting your property at risk. Fortunately, you have many options when it comes to upgrading your garage, allowing you to keep your home, your car, and your possessions safe.


How burglars can break into garages

Garages can be broken into in a number of different ways. Older garage doors are a typical target as they are usually easier to break into. These doors often have substandard locks and typically only consist of single skin construction, making them easier to force open. Older garages are also in danger of being targeted at the point where the bottom of the door meets the floor; all it takes is a crowbar to force the curtain up and causing the locking mechanism to fail under the pressure. Unlike older models, modern roller garage door curtains usually lock in the motor and use large profile guides making a barrier when down, making a crowbar when used in an attack more difficult to force the curtain open.

Classic ‘up-and-over’ style garage doors are particularly susceptible to being broken into, as their opening mechanisms mean that they can be simply pushed open with enough force. Another common method intruders use to breach older garage doors is either drilling the lock or cutting it out entirely. As newer doors usually have other less obvious or accessible ways of locking if electric, Whilst all garage doors can be targeted by cutting a hole into the door itself in theory, this is unlikely to happen in practice as it is difficult to successfully carry out, and is not the subtlest way to gain entry.


How to protect your garage

There are a number of measures you can take to ensure that you garage’s security is highly effective.

Pick a secure garage door

It should go without saying, but choosing a secure garage door is imperative to keeping your garage safe. As already shown, some of the older types of garage doors make your garage more vulnerable to being broken into, especially the ‘up-and-over’ style of door. This means you should look at newer, and ultimately better alternatives.

One of the main alternatives to ‘up-and-over’ garage doors are roller garage doors. Roller doors lock on a motor, and this more robust locking mechanism makes it harder for burglars to force them open. These doors’ locking system ensures that they lock automatically, and holds the curtain in place securely, meaning the door cannot be lifted by force. Additionally, unlike most ‘up-and-over’ types, they come with double skin construction, making the door itself extremely difficult to breach.


Extend your burglar alarm system to your garage

Extending your home burglar alarm system to your garage will have a significant and positive impact to its security. Doing so is simple enough and relies on placing extra sensors in the garage itself, allowing any motion in this vicinity to be detected. As most burglar alarms use wireless sensors, positioning them in the garage should be a relatively streamlined and simple process, although you need to make sure that you enlist the services of a security professional, as this is the only way to guarantee the sensors have been placed tactically, and that the alarm system is properly installed and fully functional. Those using a monitored alarm system will see additional benefits for garage security, as any break-ins will be met with an immediate response from the security professionals monitoring the house.


Secure adjoining doors

Unfortunately, no garage is 100% burglar proof. If a criminal does manage to gain access to your garage and it is adjoined to your home, then it is crucial that the locks to internal doors are also secure. You don’t want burglars to be able to enter your home as well, even if they do get into your garage.

We offer a range of high security door locks that can help keep your home secure. The kind you need depends on how wide and thick your door is. Each lock has a number of features that make the doors as resilient as possible, such as saw resistant steel bolts and hook bolts that prevent doors from being spread apart. They also use the Banham Dimple key and patent-protected key registration system, which allows owners to restrict and record all key duplications. Furthermore, for increased convenience you can opt to have the same key open the door to your garage and any other door of your house, so that you don’t have to carry a large number of keys with you.


Set up a home CCTV system

If you do not already have a home CCTV system in place then it is worth looking into one to secure your garage. With security cameras proven to deter criminals, placing one in front of your garage can stop intruders from attempting to break into your property in the first place. If somebody does break into your garage, the recorded footage will provide you with vital evidence during any court proceedings or insurance claims.


Use garage door defenders

If you do have an ‘up-and-over’ style garage door, there is a way to increase its effectiveness without replacing it completely. This can be achieved with garage door defenders, which work by blocking the outward swing of the door when someone tries to force it open, meaning that even if the locks are compromised, the door should remain firm. However, we would still strongly recommend a roller garage door whenever possible.


Install motion-activated lights

Other ways to secure your garage include simple measures such as adding motion-activated lights to the exterior. Motion activated security lights can deter criminals who are wary of being watched, however, they are not always effective for this purpose, and should not be relied upon as the only security measure.

Considering the range of valuables you may keep in your garage, and that breaking into it could offer criminals a simple route straight into your home, it is essential to make sure your garage is effectively secured. Implementing the above measures should bring you closer to the peace of mind you deserve.

Start with a free, onsite security survey today; one of our security experts will attend your premises, carry out a security audit and consult you on what’s the best way to effectively secure your garage.