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High Quality Roller Shutters

Windows and doors are not the only points which can leave your property vulnerable to vandalism or burglary. Garage entrances, shop fronts and open porches also need to be protected; roller shutters provide an effective and attractive security solution.

We have security shutters and secure garage doors to help you protect your home, your family and your livelihood. Whether you are looking to enhance the security or privacy of your property, roller shutters are an effective, reliable and aesthetically pleasing option. Closed roller shutters can even reduce energy bills during the winter, acting as an insulating external or internal layer.

Continental Shutters

Our continental shutters are among the most popular products in the Security 201 roller shutter range. The bespoke designs and neat finishes have made them a common choice for both domestic properties and businesses across West Sussex.

Made to measure and expertly installed, continental shutters offer exceptional security reinforcement for all entry points, as well heat and sound insulation. When you choose a Security 201 continental shutter, you receive a security solution with the following features:

  • Strong aluminium curtain profile
  • Automatic locking system
  • Insurance approved testing to Loss of Prevention Standard 1175-1 (CD 3801) for the electric operated security shutters
  • A bottom rail Viro lock to secure the shutter
  • A range of colour options to choose from


Steel Roller Shutters

We have steel roller shutters to suit a vast range of domestic and commercial applications. Each shutter is operated through an internal roller drum which sits at the top of the security shutters, enabling you to wind them up or down. This movement can be controlled manually or electronically using a key, switch or remote control. Our steel roller shutters include the following:

  • Galvanised Steel construction for strength and durability
  • Manual or electric control systems
  • Perforated or Punched slats can be incorporated
  • for additional visibility
  • Powder coated finish available
  • A choice from a wide variety of colours


Roller Garage Doors

Prominent entrance points such as garage doors are likely to be among the first features an opportunistic criminal selects to investigate. Security 201 combine experience-driven design with exceptional manufacturing to provide essential security barriers for your property. Our roller garage doors are able to deliver advanced protection using a range of security features.

  • Secured by Design Police preferred specification (tested to LPS 1175)
  • Double-walled corrosion-resistant aluminium construction
  • Fully insulated with CFC-free foam
  • Unique brush draught seals for effectively reducing heat loss and sound transmission
  • Courtesy light for receivers
  • Two mini-transmitters with high security rolling codes
  • Multi-channel version options
  • Secure comb locking mechanism for locking doors automatically while the curtain is held securely
  • Choice of nine low maintenance coated finishes

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