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High Quality Security Grilles For Doors & Windows

At Security 201, we specialise in the provision of high quality security grilles to secure domestic and commercial properties across West Sussex. Our window and door grilles act as protective shields against home intrusion or shop front vandalism, without obscuring your views or creating an oppressive atmosphere.

The vast majority of burglaries are committed by opportunistic thieves, as a result, visible property security can significantly reduce the chance of being targeted by criminals.

We have an extensive range of effective security grilles to help you protect your home, your family and your livelihood. Each of the door grille and window security grille options are made to measure and tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

Barred Grilles & Strapping Grilles

Externally fitted window grilles will protect vulnerable entry points from vandalism, whilst protecting your building from burglaries and forced entry.

Our sturdy range of barred grilles are available in either 16mm square bar or 20mm round bar structures. At Security 201, we can fit barred grilles to both windows and doors, either as a fixed security feature or with a hinged section. We recommend using a secured Banham lock or Banham closed shackle padlock when opting for a hinged grille fitting.

Hinged sections are also available within our strapping grilles range. This can be particularly beneficial for windows which act as an emergency exit, or simply to provide easier access when cleaning.

Strapping grilles are internally fitted. Our made to measure products will give your property a comprehensive layer of security which will not to interfere with the appearance of your windows or doors. Even diamond Georgian windows can be secured with unobtrusive strapping grilles.

Both strapping and barred grilles are available in a range of coloured finishes.


Diamond Mesh Grilles

Diamond mesh grilles are suitable for both domestic and small commercial properties. These window grilles are designed specifically to provide effective internal security for both windows and glazed doors.

The steel mesh cover provides excellent protection for entrance points, whilst also obscuring the contents of your property from public view. Our security grille design and installation team can fit diamond mesh grilles around internal handles and locks depending on your security requirements.

There are three sizes of mesh grids available:

  • 45mm x 25mm
  • 74mm x 50mm
  • 175mm x 75mm

All of these security grilles are available in a range of colours and metal finishes.


Ornamental Grilles

Ornamental grilles are among the most popular products in our door and window security grille range. There are six internal and external designs styles to choose from, each carefully crafted to meet aesthetic and security requirements.

We use corrosion resistant metal finishes to further enhance the appearance of our ornamental security grilles. Each of our decorative, robust designs is able to provide a sophisticated security solution for any commercial or domestic property.

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