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High Quality Fire Alarms & Fire Extinguishers

Fire alarms cannot be undervalued. Their presence can buy you and your family or employees time to escape a fire hazard quickly and with minimal risk. One of the most important elements of comprehensive fire protection is the quality of the fire alarm installation.

According to the Fire Statistics England 2014/15 report, the main reason domestic fires are sometimes able to spread undetected is due to poorly placed smoke alarms.

At Security 201, our conscientious installation team are dedicated to protecting your household and you livelihood from the risk of fire, providing outstanding smoke and fire alarms to properties across West Sussex.

When you invest in a fire prevention product from Security 201, such as an extinguisher or fire blanket, or an alarm from our range of fire detection systems, you can also access:

  • Advice on design, supply and installation
  • Long-term fire alarm monitoring and maintenance assistance
  • A choice of addressable and and non-addressable fire alarms
  • Information on fire resistant security safes

At Security 201, we know that when alarm companies take the one size fits all approach to fire safety, they fail to deliver effective security. That’s why we offer a range of addressable and conventional fire alarms, with a choice of wireless connection to suit individual customer requirements.


Fire Risk Assessments

There are a number of working and living arrangements which legally require the property owner or manager to arrange a fire safety risk assessment. If you have more than five employees on a premises, manage a residential building, or have regular public visits, then you are legally bound.

Security 201 are well practised at carrying out reliable, high quality fire risk assessments across a huge range of buildings. For more information on finding the right fire extinguishers and smoke detectors for you, contact us and organise a free property assessment.

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