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For residential property owners, door entry systems satisfy a number of security needs without infringing on atmosphere in the way that some physical security measures can. Intercoms and video entry systems create the option for a more personal home security system, enabling residents to be directly involved in controlling who has access to their building.

Security 201 provide high quality door entry systems for homes across West Sussex, which can also be tailored and fitted for the security needs of commercial buildings. Our range of products is continually updated to include the latest security technology, including high resolution video display, touchscreen and keyless entry system options.

There are two main types of security system in our entry system range.

Audio Entry Systems

When a visitor comes to your building, the intercom enables to you identify and converse with them before granting entry. This is particularly useful in large residential buildings where your flat is a long way from the front entrance. Audio entry systems give you the option to release the door remotely using an electric release mechanism.

Within this security range our customers have access to all the standard Elvox audio entry system features, including:

  • A choice between vandal resistant and standard system panels
  • Multiple call tone options
  • Functional dial
  • Multiple entrance, landing, and local calling
  • Satin, polished, chrome or brass finishes
  • Flexible desk conversion kits
  • A wide variety of handset and panel colours

Video Entry Systems

The added security benefits which come with installing a video entry system, rather than an audio entry system, is clear. A visual display of your visitor makes identification easier, thus your control over access is greater. All our high quality video entry systems come with duplex speech mechanism, enabling two way audio communication.

Within this security range our customers have access to all the standard Elvox audio entry system features, including:

  • Vandal resistant entry panels
  • Easy access for authorised personnel
  • Enhanced system flexibility- 12VAC/DC power supply
  • A choice of satin, chrome and brass finishes

Products in the more sophisticated Elvox 6600 Open Voice Monitor range are designed to be minimal and unobtrusive, while delivering the optimum viewing angle. This video entry unit offers:

  • State of the art slim monitor
  • 4 inch LCD colour display
  • 6 programmable function keys
  • Flush surface mounting and desktop mounting
  • Adjustable tilt display
  • A variety of painted and metallic finishes

Elvox also have an economy range with less wiring requirements, faster installation and the option to add more handsets and monitors.

For more information on any of our access control and entry system ranges, contact us today on 01903 242902

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