There were over 600,000 reported incidents of domestic burglary in the year ending June 2017. With figures as high as this, it’s no wonder homeowners are looking for the extra layer of home security that front door CCTV systems can provide.

Home CCTV systems are rising in popularity. The necessity of security cameras is not limited to businesses, and Security 201 offer a wide range of CCTV cameras to make homes as safe as possible. Installing CCTV at the entry points of your home can provide peace of mind, and can help the police catch any criminals if you find yourself victim to a burglary.


Why is front door CCTV so important for home security?

With the rise of the Internet of Things, smart doorbells are becoming more popular, with new models being released every year. Doorbells with small cameras are especially well-liked, as they allow homeowners to see who is at the door without having to physically open it.

However, as these cameras only start filming once the doorbell has been pressed, and they cover only a very specific and narrow field of view, they will not protect homes against burglars, who tend to avoid such niceties. On top of this, not all smart doorbell cameras record and save footage, making them useless at providing evidence of break-ins.

Conventional CCTV cameras, on the other hand, can run constantly and will save recordings on a hard drive, allowing users to go back and access the footage as and when it’s needed.

You may find that installing a CCTV camera can validate any insurance claims. Many insurance providers will question claims if your home has been burglarised with no clear evidence of forced entry, and may refuse to reimburse you for any loss. In these situations, having CCTV at your front door can back your claim up. In some cases, having a CCTV camera and a higher level of security can even reduce your insurance premium.

If you are considering installing a camera to record any activity at your front door and the exterior of your house, you should let your home insurance provider know, and check if they offer discounts for these extra security measures.


CCTV cameras can work alongside door locks

As well as installing a security camera, you should also ensure you have the right kind of door lock for your home. Make sure your lock complies with the British Standards Institution (BSI), as well as with your home insurance policy. Some providers may insist on having a five-lever mortice lock, or a cylinder rim deadlock that complies with BS3621. We offer a range of door locks to suit your needs, which all conform to BSI requirements. These locks are made to reduce the chances of burglars picking or breaking the locks.

Installing a CCTV camera to target your front door can act as a deterrent to criminals, who may reconsider targeting your home if they notice the extra security. A recent survey found that most burglars are opportunists, and have admitted that CCTV security systems is one of the most effective deterrents for home thefts.

Security 201 offer a wide range of different CCTV security systems that are designed to cover all your security concerns. Our team are experts in all aspects of CCTV, including legal requirements and specifications. We offer a free onsite survey to help you determine the best places to install a camera, as well as the type of camera that will work best for your needs, so you can find the perfect system to protect your home.