This year has seen a dramatic fall in savings across the UK, due to a fall in real wages, and the depreciation of the Sterling post-Brexit. And while you might think you can get away with being thrifty and DIY-ing some things around the house, this isn’t always a good idea. Most importantly, you should stay away from cheap DIY burglar alarm kits. Here are a few different reasons why you should think carefully about your home security system.

Home security systems are complex

Security systems have been rigorously tested, meaning they can be configured to take household pets into account, and reduce the chance of false alarms when installed by professional security experts. Some security systems also include a range of different interconnected alarms, which can detect fire, smoke, and intruders, as well as specialist add-ons, such as PIR (passive infrared) sensors which are included in our security alarm systems.

However, a DIY security system won’t have all these features available, and may just include the basics. The basic security systems could trigger false alarms, and may not work as efficiently and effectively as more complex, professionally-installed security systems do, leaving your home and valuables more vulnerable.

Cheaper systems without a monitoring plan will not alert you or the police

Security systems, in combination with a monitoring plan, are able to notify you, or even the local authorities, if the alarm is triggered. However, this wouldn’t be possible with a DIY security system, or a cheaper ‘bells only’ burglar alarm. A burglar alarm system with a monitoring plan is always advised as the best solution to maximise the levels of security for your property and to ensure that false alarm activations are avoided. Security 201 offers affordable burglar alarm and CCTV monitoring services, with all alarm signals received remotely and vetted by the security team at our alarm receiving centre (ARC). When an alarm system is activated, the ARC assesses the signal, ruling out any potential for accidentally-triggered alarms. Then, depending on the alarm monitoring plan you have selected, our ARC controllers will contact the nominated keyholders and even the Police.

There are other alternatives like dialler burglar alarms which automatically dial your phone number, or of your chosen friends and family members, when the alarm goes off. Smart home security systems can also alert you via an app on your tablet or smartphone. However these messages can often be missed or forgotten so neither of those solutions comes close to the efficiency and effectiveness of enlisting the services of SIA-approved security professionals who are trained to carefully assess every alarm signal that triggers your security system and making sure that any genuine alarm is dealt with, in the proper way.

As such, opting for a cheap burglar alarm rules out these additional layers of security and improved safeguards, leaving you with a ‘bells-only alarm’, which will just make a noise. ‘Bells-only’ alarms can be useful if you live near friends or family who can contact you or the police if they are there and hear the alarm in case of an emergency. However, as a long-term security solution, a professionally-installed, monitored alarm is the safest and most reliable option.

Cheap burglar alarms may cost more in the long run

Most security companies offer a warranty with their products, and will also provide professional maintenance services as a contract plan on your alarm systems to ensure they’re working correctly. However, if you decide to go for a DIY system, or a cheaper alarm, you could be liable if it breaks or needs repairing, leaving you out of pocket.

On top of this, having the right security system can reduce the cost of your home insurance. If you have been the victim of a burglary, but haven’t previously taken the necessary precautions to secure your home and meet the insurance policy requirements, your home insurance provider may refuse your claim. It’s important to check with your insurance provider which alarm systems can help lower the cost of your premium. The type of door locks you have can also lower your premium, and having good home security can reduce the chances that you’ll need to make a claim in the first place.

You don’t have to worry about installation

Having a professional set up your alarm system will mean it will work properly and efficiently, and reduces the chances of any mistakes that could be made if you were to do it yourself. If your alarm system is wired, it can be trickier to install as the wires from the detector will need to run back to the central control unit in which case it is even more pertinent to hire a professional.

Having a DIY security system increases the chances of mistakes being made, and even if a single component or the entire system is incorrectly installed, it could stop the alarm working properly altogether. That’s why you should always have professionally installed security alarms in your property.

For more information on Security 201’s security alarm installation, or for a free home survey, contact us today.