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UK crime statistics for Sussex have revealed that over 500 burglaries take place in the county every month. Bearing this in mind, the case for installing a burglar alarm hardly needs making.

At Security 201, our experienced staff are dedicated to protecting local communities and providing high quality alarm systems for businesses and homes across West Sussex.

We have wireless alarm systems and emergency response alarms to help you protect your home, your family and your livelihood. Our range of domestic and commercial burglar alarms is continually updated to include the latest security technology, including PIR (passive infrared) sensors and wireless digital key activation.

These features provide your property with the highest level of protection at every potential stage of a break in, enabling you to:

  • Keep intruders at bay – perimeter movement detectors can be installed in your garden or driveway; not only are these a visual crime deterrent but they can be fitted with high power sirens to ward off trespassers.
  • Detect an break in before it happens – using shock sensor technology to protect property access points, both you and the police can be alerted to a burglary before entry is breached.
  • Alert the emergency services immediately – thanks to our award winning Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), our alarm monitoring services can quickly summon the appropriate emergency response unit to your property.

As one of the most reliable alarm companies in Sussex, Security 201 take great care to tailor our security products and intruder alarm systems to suit individual customer requirements.

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Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems are among the most popular products in our alarm range. The absence of electrical wires make them easy to fit, replace, and sync up to other security features such as fire detectors.

These alarm systems are suitable for both domestic and small commercial properties. However, due to the set transmission distance, our free security survey may indicate that a larger property would be better suited to hard wired burglar alarms.

Our wireless alarm systems use a number of sophisticated features to detect and deter intruders, including standard motion sensors, automated warning messages and alarm sirens.

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Monitored Alarm Systems

Security 201 has an award winning Alarm Response Centre. When a monitored alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to this centre and assessed by our experienced staff. If a threat is identified, the information is immediately passed on to the appropriate authorities.

For properties with designated keyholders, these individuals can also be contacted and summoned to the property. This can be done using an automated text or phone message which is sent directly to the keyholders following alarm activation.

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