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High Quality Door Access Systems

Working in addition to traditional locks, access control systems provide convenient and effective property security. Keyless door security systems eliminate the risk and inconvenience of lost keys, whilst also protecting against lock picking. Even in the event of a smart card being lost or stolen, threats can be neutralised quickly as they can be instantly deactivated.

Security 201 provide high quality access control systems for homes and businesses across West Sussex. Our experience means that we are able to recommend, design and install the right access control system for you, enabling you to control and monitor who has access to your property.

We have keypad control systems and proximity card readers to help you protect your home, your family and your livelihood. Our range of products is continually updated to include the latest security technology, including biometric access control and fingerprint scanners.

Key security benefits:

  • Control security for the entire building with one system – you have complete control over who accesses which areas on a premises, and full audit trail records of movement through access control door systems.
  • Security in the event of a power cut – all Security 201 door access control systems have a standby facility which enables them to remain fully operational without power.
  • Fire alarm interface – access control systems greatly increase personal safety during fire emergencies by providing a record of who is in the building at any given time; furthermore if there is a fire, the doors will automatically open to allow people to escape.

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Our Access Security Control Range

Security 201 have three main system design packages which can be customised to suit customer security requirements.

Compact System – All of the essential security electronics are contained within the keypad or smart card reader. These standalone modes of door access control are easy to install, affordable and designed for internal, moderate to low-risk security entry points. Available with keypad control, magstripe or proximity card readers.

Single Control 2 – For higher risk or external entry points, access control keypads or readers are installed in conjunction with a separate control unit. These control units can be installed onto more than one door to provide a high level of security across large premises, such as schools and apartment complexes.

Network 2+ System – When an access control door is used by thousands of people on a regular basis, a more advanced system software is required. Net2 is a PC based solution which provides flexible, group-friendly access control security. Available with proximity card readers, magstripe or keypad codes.

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Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts

Security 201 maintenance contracts cover both intruder alarm and access control devices. The services we provide as part of these care packages includes thorough inspection and cleaning of all locking mechanisms, and replacement of old batteries or those showing signs of deterioration.

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